Pacific Ocean Dunes

It’s amazing how fun a huge pile of sand can be!

The kids had a blast today and so did we.  Running jumping and sliding down these sand dunes.  I remembered Pismo Beach as one of my earliest family activities with my grandparents.  It seemed like a good place to start after leaving Los Angeles and the Forbes house.

We stayed at the pacific Dunes RV park and were literally 20 yards from these quiet, beautiful, protected sand dunes. Even though we now have sand ALL OVER the RV, it’s totally worth it.


Leave it to Forest, our resident bug expert, to wander off and find the ONE caterpillar in the dunes. That is Forest as a tiny speck, then looking at his tiny speck…

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  1. Oh wow, good eye Forest! Forest will probably LOVE visiting The Caterpillar Lab in Marlborough, NH when you get here !

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